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Gold Refining


Gold Refining

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Gold Refining


Donald Clark MME

Softcover - 123 Pages


Chapter 1

  • Occurrences of Native Gold
    • Simple Methods of Purification
    • Amalgam in Battery Boxes
    • Amalgam in Pans
    • Amalgam from Copper Plates
    • The Purification of Mercury
    • Refining Retorted Gold

Chapter 2

  • Refining Gold with Oxidizing and Chloridizing Agents
    • Nitre Refining
    • Refining with Mercuric Chloride
    • Refining with Ammonium Cloride
    • Refining with Iron
    • Refining with Sodium Bisulphate
    • Refining with Sodium Bisuphpate and Salt
    • Refining with Boric and Phosporic Acids
    • Refining with Boric Acid and Oxidising Agents

Chapter 3

  • Sulfur Refining
    • Refining with Sulfur Alone
    • Refining with Sulfur and Other Metals
    • Refining with Sulfur and Sodium
    • Refining with Sulphide of Antimony
    • Removal of Copper from Cyanide Bullion with Sulphur

Chapter 4

  • Refining with Cementation Process
    • Older Processes with Nitric
    • Other Processes with Common Salt

Chapter 5

  • Refining Gold Bullion by Means of Oxygen and Aire

Chapter 6

  • Millers Process of Refining
    • History of the Process
  • The Methods Adopted at the Melbourne Mint
    • Receiving Gold
    • Construction of the Melting Furnaces
    • The Crucibles and Their Connections
    • The Chlorine Generators
    • Details of the Whole Operation
  • Recovery of the Silver

Chapter 7

  • Parting with Silver as the Alloying Metal
  • Parting with Zinc as the Alloying Metal
  • Parting with Sodium as the Alloying Metal

Chapter 8

  • Parting with Nitric Acid on a Large Scale
    • Silver-Gold Alloys
    • Zinc Silver Gold Alloys Obtained in the Cyanide Process

Chapter 9

  • Recovery of Silver from Nitrate Solutions
    • The Precipitation of Chloride of Silver
    • The Reduction of Chloride

Chapter 10

  • Refining by Means of Sulphuric Acid
    • Experimental Work on Gold Silver Alloys
    • Experimental Work on Gold-Zinc Alloys
    • Experimental Work on Gold-Zinc-Silver Alloys
    • Experimental Work on Gold-Silver-Tellurium Alloys
    • Parting with Sulphuric Acid Commercially
    • The Gutzkow Process
    • The Process as Carried on in Australia

Chapter 11

  • Parting Gold by Electrolysis
    • Mobius Process
    • Description of the plant
    • The Improved Process

Chapter 12

  • Electrolytic Refining of Gold
  • The Separation of Platinum from Gold

Chapter 13

  • The Treatment of Cyanide Precipitates
    • Gold Precipitated on Zinc
    • The Clean-up of Zinc Slimes
    • Smelting the precipitate direct
    • Treatment with Sulphuric Acid
    • Effect of Sand, Lead, and Other Impurities
    • Removal of Lime and Lime Salts
    • Experiments with Caustic Soda
    • The Distillation Process

Chapter 14

  • Other Methods of Refining Gold Slimes
    • Treatment with Strong Nitric Acid
    • Treatment with Strong Sulphuric Acid
    • The Removal of Copper with Sulfuric Acid and Air
    • Dissolving out Gold with Chlorine

Chapter 15

  • The Nitre Cake Method of Purifying Slimes
    • Experiments to Prevent Dusting
    • The Manufacture of Nitre Cake
    • The Direct Use of Nitre Cake
    • Effect of Temperature
    • Time Required
    • Vessel Required
    • Effect of Various Impurites
    • Dry Method of Refining Slimes
    • Caldecott's process
    • Taverner's Process
    • Merril's Process
    • Slimes from Electro-refining of Copper
    • Separation of Gold and Platinum

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