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Rocks and Fossils : A Visual Guide by Robert R. Coenraads (2005, Hardcover)


Rocks and Fossils : A Visual Guide by Robert R. Coenraads (2005, Hardcover)

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Product Description

Rocks and Fossils


Robert Coenraads

Hardcover - 304 Pages

Table of Contents:
Introduction The Dynamic Earth Understanding rocks Reading the rocks Journey to Earth's center Rings of fire Spreading oceans Subduction Collision Earthquakes and faults Hot spots Understanding fossils The fossil record The five kingdoms Classification of fossils Evolution Adaptation Relating and mating Predators Avoiding predation Extinction Lifeforms and Earth's forces The divided continents Ancient Worlds Geological time Precambrian: first life Cambrian: explosion of life Ordovician: peak biodiversity Ordovician mass extinction Silurian: plants invade the land Devonian: the age of fishes Devonian mass extinction Carboniferous: the age of swamps Permian: end of an era Permian mass extinction Triassic: reptiles rise to dominance Triassic mass extinction Jurassic: rise of the dinosaurs Cretaceous: flowers bloom Cretaceous mass extinction Tertiary: age of mammals Quaternary: the age of humans After the next extinction Key Features How fossils form Types of fossils Trace fossils Reconstructing fossils Microfossils Rocks and their minerals How rocks form Rocks from melts Rocks from heat and pressure Layered rocks Rocks and Fossils in the Landscape Active volcanoes Eruptions Ashfalls Craters and calderas Historic volcanoes Lava Columns, spires and dikes Geysers Deltas Waterfalls and reiverbends Gorges and canyons Mesas, buttes and tors Deserts Beaches and coastal remnants Karst Caves Swamps, bogs and tar pits Ancient seabeds and lakebeds Fossil sites Folds and faults Glaciers and icefields Rocks from space Rock structures Minerals Understanding minerals Color, sheen and luster Optical effects Clarity and inclusions Crystal systems Habit Cleavage and fracture Identifying minerals Native elements Metallic minerals Evaporites Weathering Silicates Feldspars Crystalline quartz Cryptocrystalline quartz Opals Diamonds Emeralds and other beryls Sapphires and rubies Tourmalines and garnets Other gemstones Organic gems Fossils Fossils and living groups Plants Simple-celled fossils Sponges and their relatives Corals, jellyfish and anemones Brachiopods and bryozoans Mollusks and annelids Cephalopods Echinoderms Arthropods Fossils in amber Fishes Amphibians Reptiles Dinosaurs Dinosaur tracks and traces Pterosaurs and birds Mammals Humans

Factfile Glossary Index

Review Quotes:
Engaging story of Earth's history... I have read many books of this genre, but this book's journey through time was the best yet.--Deb McNabney"The Science Teacher" (04/01/2006)

Review Quotes:
The panoramic photographs of stunning landscapes and close-up cross-sections of gems and fossils are so gorgeous that the volume could easily stand alone as an art book... The amazing remnants of life long ago can reveal our planet's secrets... This book is an excellent place to begin.--Kim Zach"VOYA" (08/01/2006)

Review Quotes:
Copious color photographs and excellent diagrams... A very useful volume for the rockhound and student of earth science.--Bob Jones"Rock and Gem" (03/01/2006)

Review Quotes:
The predominantly pictorial treatment will undoubtedly lure newcomers... the graphical design is immediately appealing... explains what people on a rock-hunting field trip should look for, and opens their imaginations to the former environmental conditions that the discoveries of a fossil, rock, or mineral will conjure.--Gilbert Taylor"Booklist" (09/01/2005)

Review Quotes:
Wonderfully intense color photographs of rocks, fossils, and landscapes... As a public school teacher I highly recommend Rocks and Fossils for any student and also for anyone interested in earth sciences. For the money it's like getting several books in one.--Kyle Hester"Bloomsbury Review" (12/01/2005)

Review Quotes:
I can think of no other book about rocks and fossils in particular and geology in general that has more visual appeal than this 300-page volume from Robert Coenraads.--Thomas A. Stone"Science Books and Films" (06/01/2006)

Review Quotes:
Rocks & Fossils: A Visual Guide is exactly what the title says -- a visual guide. It has hundreds of color rich photos.... [and] is beautiful and extensive book that will be appreciated by the browser and helpful for student projects.... It also has a reasonable price.--Arlene Baker"INFOLINK" (06/30/2007)

Review Quotes:
A truly beautiful book that deals with not only rocks and fossils but everything and anything that comes close to them. The formation of Planet Earth and the development of life on it; the origins of the various rocks and where they can be found; land-forms on Earth and how they got there; even gemstones and their properties, and the myths surrounding them... it's all in this lavishly illustrated volume. The only drawback to the book is the very tiny print in the extensive Factfile at the end, but that is offset by the truly gorgeous photos and detailed drawings that make this a joy to read. A coffee-table book that contains much information that is rarely found in one volume.--Roberta Rogow"INFOLINK" (06/30/2010)

Publisher Marketing:

"Uncover the intriguing world beneath our feet"

Rocks and Fossils reveal the state of the planet now and what the future may bring, including clues about the shifting, changing nature of the continents, mountain ranges, oceans, and islands.

Rocks and Fossils is a beautifully illustrated book that brings life to the seemingly timeless landscape. It explains geological concepts in relevant and familiar terms. Lively illustrations reveal a vast, hidden world via cross-sections and cutaways with explanatory captions.

The book explores the internal engine of our planet -- the liquid iron core unique among terrestrial planets, which is the catalyst for the creation and destruction of land, mountain, and oceans.

Rocks and Fossils is organized in six main sections: The Dynamic Earth the ever-changing nature of the world Ancient Worlds life from the Precambrian era to the age of humans Key Features how rocks and fossils form Rocks and Fossils in the Landscape where to find fossils Minerals How they form and why some are precious Fossils signs of life from single-cell organisms to dinosaurs.

Rocks and Fossils explains the fossil record to show how prehistoric lifeforms are linked to plants and animals still on Earth. Why did some species survive and others perish? What does the future hold?

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Contributor Bio:
Robert R. Coenraads is a leading gemologist, geologist and geophysicist. He travels the remotest regions of the globe to discover and collect exceptional specimens for scientific research. As a research associate of the Australian Museum, he leads rockhunting expeditions and directs exploration projects for precious gemstones and minerals.

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