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Underground Mining Methods Handbook


Underground Mining Methods Handbook

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Product Description

Underground  Mining Methods Handbook

W.A. Hustulid, Editor
Society of Mining Engineers
1982 - 1794 Pages

  • General Mine Design Considerations
  • Introduction
  • Ore Body Evaluation
  • Ore Reserve Calculation
  • Ore Body Ground Conditions
  • Open-Pit or Underground Mining
  • Choosing and Underground Mining Method
  • General Mine Planning
  • Sampling, Dilution, and Recovery
  • Environmental Considerations


  • Stopes Requiring Minimum Support
  • Room and Pillar Method of Open-Stope Mining
    • A Classification of the Room-and-Pillar Mining System
    • Production Methods of Noncoal Room-and-Pillar Mining
    • Open-Stope Mining at the Magmont Mine, Bixby MO
    • Production Methods of Room-and-Pillar Coal Mining
    • Study of Interrelationships and Constraints in Underground Coal Mining by Room-and-Pillar Methods
    •  Extraction Practice in Thick Coals Seams
  • Sublevel Stoping
    • Introduction to Sublevel Stoping
    • Considerations for Sublevel Open Stoping
    • Development for Sublevel Open Stoping at the Carr Fork Mine
    • Excavation Design and Mining Methods in the 1100 Ore Body, Mount Isa Mine, Australia
    • Mining Below the Gabbro Sill, Premier Mine, Cullinan, South Africa
    • Sublevel Stoping at the Strassa Mine, Sweden
    • Sublevel Stoping of the EB Massive Reefs at Loraine Gold Mines, Ltd. No 3 Shaft
    • Vein Mining at LKAB, Malmberget, Sweden
    • Large Blasthole Stoping at Rodsand Gruber, Norway
    • Recovery of Pillars Between Blasthole Shrinkage and Sublevel Stopes at the Pea Ridge Mine
    • Vertical Crater Retreat: An important New Mining Method
    • Crater Blasting Method Applied to Pillar Recovery at Falconbridge Nickel Mines, Ltd.
    • Cost Calculations for Sublevel Longhole Stoping
    • Cost Estimation for Sublevel Stoping
  • Shrinkage Stoping
    • Introduction to Shrinkage Stoping
    • Shrinkage Stoping at the Crean Hill
    • Shrinkage Stoping at the Idarado Mine
    • Cost Calculations for Mechanized Shrinkage Stoping
  • Cut and Fill Stoping
    • Introduction to Cut-and-Fill Stoping
    • Principles of Stope Planning and Layout for Ground Control
    • Cut-and-Fill at Mount Isa Mines, Ltd.
    • The Zinc Corporations Ltd.
    • Cut-and-Fill Stoping at Star Mine
    • Cut-and-Fill Stoping at Lucky Friday Mine
    • Cut and Fill at the Bruce Mine
    • Cut and Fill at Homestake Mining Company
    • Cut-and-Fill Stoping as Practiced at Outokumpu
    • Cost Calculation for Horizontal - Cut and Fill Mining
    • Cost Calculations for Highly Mechanized Cut-and-Fill Stoping
  • Undercut-and-Fill Mining
    • Introduction to Undercut-and-Fill Mining
    • Undercut-and-Fill Mining as Practiced by Homestake Mining Co., Creede, CO
    • Undercut-and-Fill Mining as Practiced at Magma Copper, Co., Superior, Az
    • Undercut-and-Fill Mining at Falconbridge Mine
    • Cost Calculations for Underhand Cut-and-Fill Mining
  • Timber Supported System
    • Introduction
    • Square-Set System of Mining
    • Gilman Modification of Mitchell Slice Stoping
    • Ground Support Systems for Heavy, Squeezing Ground at Burgin Mine
    • Square Set Timber in Load-Haul-Dump Stopes at the Bunker Hill Mine
    • Stull Support in Flat-Bedded Ore Bodies
    • Cost Calculations for Timbered Stoping
  • Mining by the Top-Slicing Method
  • Longwall Mining
    • Introduction
    • Third Right Longwall Panel in Sunnyside's No. 1 Mine
    • Longwall Mining of Trona by Allied Chemical Corp
    • Case Study of Longwall Mining in Mine no 95
  • Shortwall Mining
    • Introduction to Shortwall Mining
    • Shortwall Mining the Pittsburg Coal Seam in Northern Western Virginia
  • Caving Methods
  • Sublevel Caving
    • Introduction
    • The Mechanics and Design of Sublevel Caving System
    • Sublevel Caving at Craigmont Mines
    • Sublevel Caving at Granduc
    • Sublevel Caving at the Stobie Mine
    • Sublevel Caving at LKAB's Kiirunavaara Mine
    • Sublevel Caving Practice at Shabanie Mine, Rhodesia
    • Planning Economics of Sublevel Caving
  • Block Caving
    • Block Caving
    • Climax Panel Caving and Extractions System
    • San Manuel Mine
    • The Henderson Mine
  • Underground Equipment
  • Primary Breaking
    • Conventional Small Drilling Equipment
    • Percussion-Drill Jumbos
    • Raise Climbers
    • Down-the-Hole Blasthole Drill Jumbos for Underground Stoping
    • Rotary Drills
    • Underground Rotary Blasthole Drills
    • Explosives Loading Equipment
    • Raise Drills
    • Tunneling Machines
    • Cutting Machines
    • Continuous Mining Machines
    • Shortwall Mining Equipment
    • Longwall Mining
    • Boom-Type Miners and Roadheaders
  • Loading and Hauling
    • Overshot Loaders
    • Slushers
    • Load-Haul-Dump Units
    • Adaptation of Surface Mining Machines to Underground Mining
    • Gathering Arm Loaders
    • Shuttle Cars
    • Rail Haulage Systems
    • Underground Belt Conveyors
    • Shaft Machines
  • Ground Support
    • Rockbolt Drills and Jumbos
    • Shotcrete Machines
    • Concrete Pumps
    • Individual Hydraulic Supports
    • Rapid-Yielding Hydraulic Props for Deep Gold Mines
    • Preparation and Placement of Hydraulic Cemented Tailings Fill
  • Ancillary Equipment
    • Use of Auxiliary Fans for Mining Purposes
    • Air-Cooling and Refrigeration Equipment
    • Mine Pumps
    • Air Compressors
    • Mine Hoists
    • High-Energy Impact Hammers
    • Service Vehicles
  • Costs of Underground Mining Materials
  • Financial Considerations
  • Foundations for Design
  • Application of Rock Mechanics to the Design, Mining, and Control of Underground
  • Openings - An Introduction
  • Caving Systems
    • Design of Caving Systems
    • Geotechnical Factors in Undercut-and-Cave Mining
    • Cavability of Ore Deposits
  • Noncaving Systems
    • Design of Noncaving Mine Openings
  • Geotechnical Models
    • Geotechnical Models and their application in Mine Design
  • Design Control
    • Mechanical Properties of Rock
    • In Situ Rock Stress Determination
    • Basic Tools for Deformation Measurements in Mines
    • Borehole Extensometers
    • Load Cells
    • Dynamic Methods of Rock Structure Analysis
    • Destressing to Rock Control Rock Bursting
  • Rock Reinforcement
    • Estimation of Support Requirements for Underground Excavations
    • Room-and-Pillar Ground Control Utilizing the Grouted Reinforcing Bar System
    • State of the Art of Shotcrete
    • Spray Grouting for Tunnel Support in Sandstone
    • Caving Operations Drift Support Design
    • Examination of Support Methods for Block Caving Slusher Drifts
  • Blasting
    • Charge Calculations for Tunneling
    • Blasting Effects and Their Control
  • Mine Ventilation
    • Basic Underground Ventilation Principles
    • Contaminants of the Underground Atmosphere
    • Mine-Ventilation Simulation and Analysis
    • Practical Stoppings Construction
    • Ventilation Monitoring Instrumentation
    • New Development in Mine Ventilation
    • Life Support in Underground Mines
    • Dust Control


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